"Jane Herchenroder is the kind of attorney I wish every lawyer was like: knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, fair-minded, resolution-oriented, an attentive listener who makes sure she understands what you want/need, and a trusted adviser.  Jane has represented me and other members of my family in varying matters and each time a satisfactory resolution was achieved for us.  What I especially respect and prefer about Jane's "way" is that she is never combative or abusive, and as a result, legal resolution is achieved with less angst, time, and cost.  If all attorneys adopted Jane's "way," the process of achieving legal resolution would be much fairer and healthier for all."

Wendy Kreiss-Parkin, LMT, IET MI
Intuitive Massage, LLC

"Jane is an excellent attorney and mediator.  I send her many referrals, including family members. When I need to consult with an attorney or a mediator on a case, Jane is someone I turn too.  Her fees are reasonable and she avoids overlitigating just to make money.  In addition, she is pleasant to work with and has excellent people and writing skills."

Joan G. Geiger, Esq.
Accredited Professional Mediator