At Herchenroder Law, we offer a wide range of services. 
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We specialize in:

Family Law


We are experienced in litigating a wide range of family law cases including:  divorce, dissolution of civil unions, termination of domestic partnerships, child support, custody, parenting time, domestic violence, adoption, readoption, post divorce judgment enforcement and modification issues. We can assure that all paperwork filed with the court is complete and complies with the applicable law and court rules.  We will negotiate with the adverse party to obtain a favorable result for our clients.  When negotiation does not result in the desired outcome for our clients, we appear in court and try cases.


Jane A. Herchenroder, Esquire is a trained mediator who volunteers as a custody mediator at the Somerset County Courthouse and serves as a Post Early Settlement Panel Economic mediator for divorce cases in New Jersey.  Jane also mediates family cases privately.  Couples who choose private mediation can mediate family cases including prenuptial agreements, divorce provisions, parenting time schedules, and financial issues.  Private mediation can be less costly than contested litigation.


Jane A. Herchenroder, Esquire, represents clients who have obtained unfavorable trial court decisions who seek a reversal on appeal.  We also represent clients who have obtained favorable trial court decisions where the opposing party appeals and our client is asking the Appellate Division to uphold the trial court decision.

Real Estate Law

  • We represent Sellers and Buyers of residential real estate, whether or not a realtor is involved.  We represent Buyers and Sellers of affordable housing units such as those administered through the Central Jersey Housing Resource Center.  We represent borrowers who are refinancing their home in order to buy out a former spouse's interest in real estate.  We represent residential tenants and landlords to obtain desired outcomes permitted under New Jersey law. 

  • We represent Sellers of residential real estate who do not wish to attend the closing and instead seek to have the closing handled by an attorney via Power of Attorney.

  • We represent executors or administrators of estates selling residential real estate.

Wills and Other Estate Planning

  • We draft Wills for clients to assure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes.

  • We draft Living Wills (Instructive Directives) so that clients can advise their doctors in writing of their wishes for treatment should the clients not be able to express their wishes at the time of treatment.  We draft Medical Power of Attorney forms (Durable Power of Attorney for Heath Care – Proxy Directive) wherein clients designate a person or persons to make medical decisions for the client. 

  • We draft Financial Power of Attorney forms for clients who seek to designate a person or persons to handle financial transactions for them.